Monday, October 19, 2009

Bedrooms and bathroom

At the top of the stairs are the 2 smaller bedrooms on the left then the bathroom, a hall closet and the master bedroom on the right. Here's a picture of the master bedroom:

The closet is on the wall to the right of the bed. It's a standard sliding door closet. On the wall opposite the windows is a doorway to a dressing area with a vanity/sink on one side and a set of built-in shelves on the other side. You can also enter the bathroom through here.

Here's a picture of the main bathroom. On the left hand side is the vanity/sink, a linen closet, and the bathtub. On the right is the door to the master bedroom dressing area.

Here's one of the other bedrooms. There is a standard sliding door closet on the wall opposite the window.

Here is the other bedroom. There is a walk in closet and on the wall opposite the window there is a nook that is about 6' wide.

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